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Home Staging – so we can show the full potential of the apartment

It has simply been shown and proven that the closer you are to an emotional experience, the greater you fall in love with your new home. When unrenovated properties are for sale, it is easy to say that buyers should just mentally add the cost of the renovation to the purchase price. That is the expectation of most sellers, however the majority of buyers are far from imagining the cost that needs to be invested to create a new home out of a property in need of renovation. Even if the property is renovated, it’s that little extra cherry on top that brings so much more emotion. 

Our clear aim with installing home staging in our renovated properties is to show the full potential of the various spaces and to show the potential buyers the possibilities of the interior design and turning the residence into a home. It has been shown over and over again that the closer the apartment being visited is to the ultimate end product, the more the buyer can imagine that this can be their new home. The easier it is for the buyer to make this decision. Many of the properties on the market have been renovated, but lack that certain eye for detail and potential. 

Home staging also allows the apartment to feel much more spacious, friendlier and warmer. As a new home itself. Creating a new home full of emotions comes first. At Inmobella Inmuebles we want potential buyers to fall in love with the property and not just visit it. We want the visit at the end of the day to be not just a visit, but an experience. Our goal is to create a bright, perfectly functional, clean and newly renovated family home.

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