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The step to enter a new market with trustworthy, experienced entrepreneurs

Today, many investors and entrepreneurs dream of expanding their horizons and exploring new markets. However, the dream comes with many uncertainties, worries and even fears. It is of importance to have done your homework and get familiar with all structures, as you do in your home country. Acquiring a certain knowledge of the market, in order to be able to judge for yourself is essential. 

It is of course incredibly difficult to implement these market analyses, as well as the tax and legal areas and many other fields, on your own. It is therefore extremely important to have trustworthy entrepreneurs and investors on site, in order to be able to penetrate a new market as quickly as possible, build and maintain a certain quality standard and create a certain basis. It is highly essential to have a contact, who has been living in the area you want to invest in for many years. Whether it is about tax, legal or market issues. Inmobella Inmubles can assist with all difficulties you may have to start investing in a new market, with us as your partner. We will clarify all details, tax and cross-border issues. It is crucial to have a certain amount of experience and to have a 100% reliable partner on site, who takes care of the entire management and implementation on a daily basis. 

In Inmobella Inmuebles, it is our goal to create affordable living space. The power lies in the purchase. Having a wide variety of contacts is crucial. Contacts to banks, lawyers, judges, brokers, consulting firms, investors and many more. It is very important to maintain these contacts in order to ultimately come first when it comes to the sale or brokerage of properties in need of renovation. Our goal is to upgrade these properties to create a new home for young families. If you buy overpriced, it is of course very difficult in the end to still offer the property at affordable prices. In addition, of course, a detailed project calculation must also take place, in order not to outdo oneself with the expected costs. 

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